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TB EVO.7 Chassis Kit
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3 Layouts to Tame Any Course!
This high performance shaft-driven 4WD chassis utilizes a 2mm thick aluminum lower deck with center stiffener for a blend of rigid pitch damping and flexible roll. Three different motor positions allow adaptation to a range of courses, while the lack of an upper deck lowers the center of gravity. The steering linkage is affixed to the bulkhead mount, removing any impact upon chassis roll. A front direct coupling is paired with double cardan drive shafts, and the rear employs a gear differential unit. Suspension uses high performance TRF super short big bore dampers.

Featured Components
Aluminum Lower Deck
Aluminum Motor Mount (2-Piece)
Aluminum Steering Linkage Parts
Aluminum Lower Bulkhead
Aluminum Center Stiffener
Carbon Fiber Damper Stays
Front Direct Coupling
Aluminum Gear Differential Cup Joints
Aluminum Suspension Mounts (1C, 1C, 1X, 1E)
TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers
Carbon Fiber Bumper Support
Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts
Front Double Cardan Drive Shafts
42mm Lightweight Assembly Universal Shafts (Rear)

Chassis Length: 371mm
Chassis Width: 188mm
Wheelbase: 257mm
2mm thick Aluminum Frame
Shaft-Driven 4WD with Front Direct Coupling and Rear Gear Differential
3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
4-Wheel Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers
11 Gear Ratios between 8.25:1 and 5.50:1 possible using kit-included 66T spur gear (pinion gear is sold separately)

Separately Required Items to Operate:
Type 540 Motor + Pinion Gear
Tires + Wheels
2-channel R/C system with ESC + Batteries for transmitter
Battery Pack and Charger

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